The steel box girder bridge deck of nanjing Yangtze river no.4 bridge was closed

Issuing time:2018-01-31 16:17


On January 31, 2012, the steel box girderbridge deck of nanjing Yangtze river no.4 bridge was closed.

The fourth nanjing Yangtze river bridge isthe hub project of the shanghai-chongqing expressway in the "fivelongitudinal and seven horizontal" national highway trunk line. It is thefirst three-span suspension bridge in China and is known as the "goldengate bridge of China". Began in liuhe district of beam east of the townand the ning-tong expressway intersect, after dragon robe town across theYangtze river, is connected with the AnShi port bridge, intersect inshanghai-nanjing highway kirin hub, total length of 28.996 km, the bridgeacross the river is about 5.5 km long, 1418 meters across three cranesuspension bridge scheme mainspan adopted, broadly by two-way six lane highwaystandard design, design speed of 100 km/h bridge across the river, on bothsides of the connection design speed of 120 km/h.

In order to be able to successfully builtthe bridge, the designers of cross-sea bridge scheme has carried on thethorough research, not only in view of the engineering geology, riverhydrology, physical model, earthquake, navigation, flood control, environmentalimpact and so on various aspects have done many studies, has carried on thecomprehensive comparison to the bridge along the axis, but also furthercompares the mainspan 1800 m twin towers single span suspension bridge scheme,mainspan three span suspension bridge scheme, for 1420 m towers mainspan twospan suspension bridge is 958 m tower, 980 m and mainspan cable-stayed bridgefinally choose the reasonable bridge scheme, It provides a solid foundation forthe subsequent preliminary design and construction drawing design.

The whole bridge officially based startsfrom January 6, 2008, first section of the steel box girder hoisting success inNovember 2011, January 10, 2012, 144 pieces of the whole bridge steel boxgirder hoisting completely, the time limit for a project than expected real 1months in advance, after the construction of the bridge into the steel boxgirder bridge deck surfacing welding, steel and other stage, finally, inDecember 2012 was formally opened. Moreover, the completed main bridge can meetthe requirements of two-way navigation of the main channel. The navigableheadroom is 690mX50m, and the upper water channel is 200m wide for small ships,with a total navigable width of 890m.

Opened the fourth nanjing changjiang riverbridge, enhances the nanjing river channel capacity, improve the main nationaltransportation capacity, improve the trunk road network layout in jiangsuprovince, further separation of the urban traffic and transit transportation,alleviate the urban traffic pressure, make the function of nanjingriver crossing facilities more clear, greatly promote the construction of thenanjing metropolitan circle.

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