[Enterprise news] Zhixing technology has obtained cmmi level 3 qualification

Issuing time:2018-04-04 16:15

IOT April 4

Recently, zhixing technology successfullypassed CMMI(Capability Maturity Model Integration) level 3 software CapabilityMaturity assessment.

CMMI, software capability maturity modelintegration, is by the us department of defense, Carnegie Mellon university andthe United States, the national defense industrial association, jointdevelopment and research of the the aim is to help software enterprise to managementand software engineering process improvement, enhance the capacity ofdevelopment and improvement, thus can on time and within budget to develop highquality software. The main concerns of CMMI are cost effectiveness, clearfocus, process concentration, and flexibility.

CMMI3 level assessment is an importantmilestone in the company's strategic development, marking that the company'ssoftware research and development and project management capabilities haveentered a mature road. In the future, our company will continue to improve thestandard level and professional ability, in order to maintain the leadingposition in the industry market and competitive advantage.



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