《G524 changshu section intelligent highway technology demonstration project》 The outline of scientif

Issuing time:2018-11-01 16:08

The outline ofscientific research projects has passed the expert review

On November 1, theoutline of scientific research project "G524 changshu section intelligenthighway technology demonstration project" jointly carried out by ourcompany and Jsti Group passed the expert review in suzhou. Suzhoutransportation bureau, suzhou highway management office, changshutransportation management office, experts and relevant personnel of theresearch unit attended the evaluation meeting.

G524 changshu sectionis jiangsu province transportation hall intends to develop wisdom focus onhighway pilot province one of the main work of the two countries, G524 wisdomroads create plan around the accurate service, efficient management,scientificdecision making, through the establishment of new wisdom road perceptionsystem, perfect wisdom highway maintenance management system operation, theconstruction of traffic data comprehensive analysis and emergency commandcenter, transportation integrated information service, and promote wisdom inchangshu city construction,improve the regional comprehensive competitiveness.Therefore, relying on the reconstruction and expansion project of the thirdring road from the 524 national highway to changshu, it is of greatsignificance to demonstrate and promote the construction of the smart highwayto carry out the research on the smart highway technology demonstrationproject.

After listen to outlineof the research report, the experts say the research outline clear, completesystem and meets the requirements, the "highway" wisdom researchexploration, based on the correct orientation, advanced idea and method ofscience, and for the demonstration project construction and domestic researchon intelligent highway system in the field of instructional method is proposed,consistent to outline the study. In addition, in order to further deepen thedepth of the research content, the expert group put forward constructiveopinions, which laid a good foundation for the next step of the work.



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