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Intelligent 6LoWPAN Transportation Sensor
·The Sensor
Combined Traffic Flow Monitoring Device
·Vehicle-Mounted Traffic Monitoring Device
·Intelligent Acceleration Sensor Based on  6LoWPAN Technology
·Intelligent Transportation Wireless Central Transmission Node Device Based on The 6LoWPAN Technology
·Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Sensor Based on 6LoWPAN Technology
·Intelligent Displacement Sensor Based on 6LoWPAN Technology
·Transportation Resource Management System Based on Cloud Computing
·Intelligent Transportation Management Big Data Analysis System
·Event Triggered Internet of Things Data  Processing System and Data Processing Method
·Wireless Intelligent Cable Force Monitorin System and Monitoring Method

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Zhixing Intelligent Bridge Monitoring and Maintenance System Software

·Zhixing Cloud Computing Management Software  Platform
·Zhixing Big Data Analysis Cloud Platform Software·Big Data Analysis System Software for Road & Bridge Structure
·Road & Bridge 3D Visualization Management System Software·Road & Bridge Auxiliary Decision-Making and Reporting System

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